Do you think these people in Virginia Beach should be arrested for harboring and aiding illegal aliens?

Question by Sci Fi Fan: Do you think these people in Virginia Beach should be arrested for harboring and aiding illegal aliens?
VA group enabling those who hire illegal aliens
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A common sight in Virginia Beach (sanctuary city)
APLast weekend, the Virginia Horticultural Foundation held a workshop geared towards owners of landscape companies entitled “Spanish for the Green Industry.” During the seminar held in Virginia Beach, instructors led their classes in basic Spanish lessons as well as Latin American culture.

VHF education coordinator, Dawn Alleman told the Virginian-Pilot they began offering the course four years ago because the workforce for the landscaping industry is dominated by those who speak only Spanish.

Alleman said: “If you want to be a foreman in those types of places, you’ve got to have a decent grasp of Spanish.”

One of the attendees, Tom Ritter, owner of Ritter Grounds Maintenance in Norfolk, VA, took the class so that he might be able to speak to his workers for the first time in ten years without the help of a translator.

Ritter said: “I just want to be able to communicate with them on a day-to-day basis.”

Course instructor, Yolima Carr, passed out a book she has written to the class which contains English-to-Spanish phrases which might be helpful to landscapers, such as: “Take out the weeds in the flower bed, edge the bed, then blow the leaves and the clippings.”

She reminded the business owners that the ‘immigrants’ working for them are from their homes and families, and that because of their Catholic beliefs, may need certain days off.

Carr, who is the gardens curator at the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, suggested that the workers be allowed to play Mexican music, and should be complimented on their work (“Hiciste un buen trabajo”).

Attendees paid $ 160 each for the five hour class.

This is yet one more example of those who fail to see the need to hire U.S. citizens, when an illegal alien will do it for less. That philosophy may go a long way in lining the pockets of unscrupulous employers, but in a time when so many Americans have been laid off, it is just shy of treason.

By the way, the group offering the class, the Virginia Horticultural Foundation, operates as a non-profit and as such enjoys tax-exempt status. The class was given at the Founder’s Inn, Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson’s hotel and resort.
PLEASE! EVERYONE! Report “norskeyenta2” aka “Mando” or whatever he changes his name to! His RACIAL SLURS are insulting to ALL!

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Answer by xXStarburstXx
i dont understand why people just wont come to america legally isnt it easier than swimming or sneeking over the borderline..

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What are the requierments to get into these colleges?

Question by Mike65: What are the requierments to get into these colleges?
like what kind of gpa would somebody need. and what kind of SAT scores? i live in nj.

Uconn, Boston College, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, northeastern, rider, and penn state

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Answer by ConansOwner
You need to contact the Admissions office at each school.

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How are these colleges that I am thinking of transferring to?

Question by .: How are these colleges that I am thinking of transferring to?
I am thinking about transferring to any of these colleges…I wanted to know if anyone could perhaps fill me in on one or more of these schools because I would love to know more! All answers are appreciated!
[Not in any order…]
Bethune-Cookman University
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Fort Valley State University
Hampton University
Howard University
Norfolk State University
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College
Virginia State University

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Answer by bill k
I think that Howard sounds the most impressive of the lot.

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How would you rank these Colleges/ Universities?

Question by Jonathan: How would you rank these Colleges/ Universities?
I am considering applying to these Universities in my upcoming senior year. All of these colleges have good academics but how would you rank them collectively in terms of social life, school spirit, diversity, basically just a good all around. Here are the schools: Northwestern University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, Virginia Tech, Duke University, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Virginia, University of Central Florida, and University of. Florida. Thank you

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Answer by Lisa
i saw the counselors on answer these kinds of questions all the time really well. it’s a cool site.

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Best colleges for these majors/minors in Virginia?

Question by PrettyKitty: Best colleges for these majors/minors in Virginia?
I want to major in law enforcement to become a police officer and later detective, CSI, or anything in that field. I looked at VMI, but they don’t major in law enforcement. I though it’d be good to go to a military school like VMI, but once again, they don’t have a law enforcement major or minor. Can you recommend any colleges in Virginia that have a good Law Enforcement major?

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Answer by Kristin
Most state universities and colleges will have law enforcement majors. These majors might be called different names by individual schools. Some common names for these programs are criminal justice, criminology, and justice studies. I have given you a link to all of the public schools in Virginia. If you click on the word degree a list of the degrees each school offers will pop up. This site also gives you a link to the school’s web site so that you can see what each school has to offer. You should pick 3 or 4 of these schools and go visit them. Most schools will give you the option to speak with a representative from the department you are interested in if you make reservations 3 to 4 weeks in advance. I think it would be beneficial for you to go to a public state school, because the state is in charge of their own security so they have a vested interest in keeping their schools up to date with the latest statistics, information, and technology. Not to mention that a public school will charge far less tuition. Also I believe state universities and colleges are able to give the best internships because of their size and their relationships with the surrounding communities. I hope this helps. Good luck! I hope you achieve your goal of becoming a police officer. We sure need more good cops on the streets!

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will i get into these colleges? sorry, this is so long but i need help!?

Question by jbfan5x: will i get into these colleges? sorry, this is so long but i need help!?
oookay, here are my credentials.
-i’m a senior at the #1 high school in pennsylvania, and is obviously nationally ranked
-i have about a 3.9-4.1 GPA, i’m not exactly sure though.
-i’ve taken 4 AP Courses: AP Lang/Comp, AP World, AP Literature, and AP US. I’m now completing my 5th AP Course, AP Psychology
-The rest of my classes are all honors, always have been. my SAT score was a 1580 and my ACT score was a 23, but i’m taking the SAT again.
-i have work experience, i’ve gotten awards such as the Who’s Who In English award, the Catholic Women’s Union Award, and honors all 4 years (Summa Cum Laud and Magna Cum Laude).
-I received another award, but i honestly forgot what it was even for. something to do with writing.
-I’ve been a People to People World Leadership Program Candidate for 5 years.
-I participated in Varsity Cross Country my freshman year and made Second Team All Region, and i’ve been a Varsity basketball player all four years. I’m now the senior captain.
-I received 2nd team all region for basketball my sophomore year (i tore my ACL last year and couldn’t play most of the season.)
-I do volunteer work at the local zoo, at multiple basketball camps and clinics throughout the city and my dad’s basketball team of 5th and 6th grade girls.

my school choices are:
1. Xavier University in Cincinatti
2. Old Dominion University in Virginia
3. Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina
4. Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania
5. DePaul University in Chicago
6. Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

backups: Clarion University, Allegheny College.
any help would be appreciated!

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Answer by BH
i think you’re getting into each and every one of them.
your resume’ seems incredible.
you could go pretty much anywhere with credentials like that
good luck.

(i’m assuming that’s 1580 out of 1600)

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Tourists Often Say The Cutest Things Very Loudly. That’s Why Virginia Beach Needs These Signs

Tourists Often Say The Cutest Things Very Loudly. That’s Why Virginia Beach Needs These Signs
Virginia Hotels
Image by bill barber
This sign appears fairly often along Virginia Beach’s main drag. I guess the tourists can be a little rowdy at times.

Anyway, I’ve tried to get to you all, and I’ve failed miserably. Truth is, I’m working tonight through the weekend, and I’ve got to pull the garden together next week. I’m afraid it will be catch-as-catch can until at least Wednesday.

I just have to get through the next few weeks, and all will be well (I think)

Thanks for your patience. You’re great people.

Which of these colleges have the best film courses?

Question by Elton: Which of these colleges have the best film courses?
Albertus Magnus College (CT)
Anna Maria College (MA)
Assumption College (MA)
Bay Path College (MA)
Becker College (MA)
Bridgewater State College (MA)
Bryant University (RI)
Capella University (MN)
Central Connecticut State University
College of St. Joseph in Vermont
Curry College (MA)
Endicott College (MA)
Fisher College (MA)
Fitchburg State College (MA)
Florida Institute of Technology
Framingham State College (MA)
Franklin Pierce College (NH)
Green Mountain College (VT)
Husson College (ME)
Johnson State College (VT)
Johnson & Wales University (RI)
Kaplan University (online)
Lasell College (MA)
Mass. College of Liberal Arts
Mass. Maritime Academy
Merrimack College (MA)
Montserrat College of Art (MA)
New England College (NH)
New England Institute of
Technology (RI)
New York Institute of Technology
Newbury College (MA)
Nichols College (MA)
Northcentral University (AZ)
Pine Manor College (MA)
Plymouth State University (NH)
Post University (CT)
Providence College
Providence College School of
Continuing Education
Regis College (MA)
Rhode Island College
Rivier College (NH)
Roger Williams University (RI)
Sacred Heart University (CT)
Salem State College (MA)
Salve Regina University (RI)
Shaw University (NC)
Simmons College (MA)
Southern Connecticut State University
Southern New Hampshire University
Springfield College (MA)
Stonehill College (MA)
Strayer University (online)
Suffolk University (MA)
SUNY Maritime College
Temple University (PA)
University of Bridgeport (CT)
University of Hartford (CT)
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
University of Massachusetts-Boston
University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
University of Massachusetts-Lowell
University of New England
University of New Hampshire
University of New Haven
University of Rhode Island
University of South Florida
Virginia Union University
Wentworth Institute of
Technology (MA)
Western New England College (MA)
Wheelock College (MA)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)
Worcester State College (MA)

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Answer by PE2008
Most of them have decent “Film Appreciation” courses, but none have a FiIm Studies degree that leads to anything except unemployment, high debt, and a life of involuntary dumpster-diving for half-eaten hamburgers…

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