UVA Today: Studying Why Students Die

In this week’s UVA Today segment, Dr. James Turner of the Elson Student Health Center visited the Newsplex to talk about a new study that takes an unprecedented look at deaths on college campuses. UVa researchers collected data from 160 colleges and universities and found that suicide is the most common cause of death among college students. While the college suicide rate has not increased in the last 25 years, the number of alcohol-related deaths have gone down. “I suspect we’ve done a good job of educating students about safer and more responsible uses of alcohol. It’s not to say it’s still not an important public health issue,” said Dr. James Turner, Director of the Elson Student Health Center. Dr. Turner also credits school counseling services for detecting cases of major depression, which he says could suggest why the suicide rate has remained steady.

My home went up for a Trustee sale (Foreclosure) today and no one showed up from the lender or atty-now what?

Question by Wendy T: My home went up for a Trustee sale (Foreclosure) today and no one showed up from the lender or atty-now what?
My home was schedule for a Trustee’s Sale today. However, no one from the lender or trustee’s (attorney’s) office showed up to conduct the sale. I had cancelled my insurance and utilities effective tomorrow. Now what??? The property is in Virginia. It was published in the newspaper and was on the Trustee’s website. Help!! I can’t reach anyone from the attorney’s office and the lender says that is who I need to speak with. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. (No smart-a** answers either, please)
The sale was supposed to happen on the Court House steps. I spoke to the attorney’s (trustee) office this morning and all was a “GO”. Due to family health issues, I am unable to save the house. I was never formally “served” papers about the sale as I am now 1000 miles from the property. No letters were even forwarded from my old address. It just seems like they screwed something up and are trying to fix things without letting me know.

My main concern is that I cancelled the insurance since I thought the sale was going through today. I guess I should call tomorrow to reinstate the policy. What do you guys think??

I appreciate all of your responses. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by jazzpaging
The sale was probably held on the court house steps in the County you reside in.

Good luck.

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Health Tech Today: Virginia Mason and Versus RTLS

Dr. Bill Crounse (right), Senior Director for Worldwide Health at Microsoft and Dr. Kim Pittenger (left), Medical Director at Virginia Mason’s Kirkland Clinic, discuss using the Versus Advantages RTLS Solution to track time and communicate location to support the Toyota Production System lean management methodology to reduce waits and improve patient flow.

UVa Today: Remote Area Medical Clinic

Thousands of Virginia are living without health insurance, but for 10 years, the Remote Area Medical Clinic has offered free screening and check-ups to those who need them. CBS19’s Tiffani Sargent talks about the clinic with volunteer and registered nurse Pam Dennison in this week’s UVa. Today segment.
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