Rollin – Sorry For the Wait (Remix) VA Style Mista Flo & Sykes

Lyrics : Lyrics : Mista Flo- Im not a rapper but i’ma rip this song like a wrapper, its a christmas song, since Im a gift…nigga, dont care if you dont smoke you gon hit this bong, cant wear shorts cause my d*** to long, curse this beat, 666 this song in the house i aint plan on paying rent this long, you dont wanna be on my hitlist umm…not a wishlist you can get this from…ME niggas, leavem speechless niggas tounge tied like bad kissers, big body im hulk body you no body just nobody, im so rowdy get piped mami, like the wrestler if you know bout em, snot nose got flows top hoes like cheese on tacos i spit flows you mop floors i got swag you mock flo’s…thats 3rd person, for the mentally obselete ; i swear if there was comepetition id compete, im elite, the stones shining got it appearing that im appearing and dissaparing like hide n seek, they calling me ciara how i ride the beat, she aint my main. i tell that side walk like beside the street, i run this boy keep your eye on my feet, see you lost ya eye on defeat i feel like the sun supplying the heat im casket sharp probably die in my sleep, drop a hot record than retire in a week cause im too nice i can only do right, hell with MTV but im living true life cop cars like red and blue lights girls wanna moon like we in the moonlight if im in the the mood right chilling by the poolslide i will turn that p**** to a poolslide you know how i do right gotta say guzuntite girl you blessed and that chest got me feeling