Farzaneh Milani named as woman of the year by IWSF

University of Virginia professor Farzaneh Milani, who chairs the Department Middle of Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures in the College of Arts & Sciences, named “Woman of the Year” by the Iranian Women Studies Foundation at the group’s annual conference in Cambridge, Mass. Last year, Milani authored “Words Not Swords: Iranian Women Writers and the Freedom of Movement.” The book challenges what she sees as the narrow Western stereotype of the shrouded, oppressed Muslim woman, who is a captive of her faith and her veil. Milani — born and raised in Teheran and educated in French and American schools — used the lens of poetry, literature and film to argue in the book that Iranian women’s true struggle is not against the veil, but for freedom of movement — the ability to choose where to go. Her 1992 book, “Veils and Words: The Emerging Voices of Iranian Women Writers,” is also widely acclaimed and now in its 16th printing. This documentary produced by the IWSF and directed by Hasan Sarbakhshian.
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US state executes first woman in nearly 100 years

www.timesofearth.com Virginia – The US state of Virginia has executed a 41-year-old grandmother for the murder of her husband and his son, the first woman to be put to death in Virginia in almost 100 years. Teresa Lewis was killed by lethal injection in Greensville Correction Center at 9.13pm (0113 GMT) on Thursday. “It took about 13 minutes from the time she entered the execution chamber from the time she was pronounced dead.” “Officials said she walked on her own into the execution chamber, but media representatives – who witnessed the execution -said she looked nervous and scared.” Abolitionists painted Lewis as an example of why capital punishment is flawed, saying she has diminished mental faculties and was taken advantage of by smarter accomplices. Her lawyer, James Rocap, said: “Tonight the death machine exterminated the beautiful childlike and loving spirit of Teresa Lewis.” But with an IQ of about 70 or above, Lewis was considered fit for trial in the southern state of Virginia and had pleaded guilty to hiring two men in 2002 to murder her husband and stepson to pocket their 0000 life insurance policy. Lewis appeared tearful as she was escorted into the death chamber on Thursday before being bound to a gurney with heavy leather straps. In the moments before her execution, she asked if her husband’s daughter was there. Kathy Clifton, Lewis’ stepdaughter, was in an adjacent witness room blocked from the inmate’s view by a two-way mirror. “I want Kathy to know
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Defend the Black Woman

Defend the Black Woman
Virginia Lawyers
Image by capn madd matt
I tried my hand at some photo journalism today and attended the March for Justice in Charleston, WV. This petite young lady was brutally raped and held captive for days by six sub-human idiots (that included a mother and daughter) in a shed in Logan County, West Virginia before her cries for help were heard. I will elaborate later as I have many images of a the day and little time now. Needless to say, it was a powerful day of unity where I was the minority.

To learn more you can go to the Black Lawyers for Justice website.

Denise Kranich honored as Influential Woman of Virginia

Denise Kranich honored as Influential Woman of Virginia
Kranich joins a list of women to be recognized for their outstanding efforts in all fields including law, business, health care, education, non profits and the arts.
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Lawyer says class action cases seek justice for Southwest Virginia landowners
Pitting Southwest Virginia landowners and a team of high-profile lawyers against two big natural gas companies, the lawsuits deal with forced pooling and deemed leasing, the process by which Virginia landowners are required to lease their natural gas rights for development by gas companies.
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Schapiro column: National ambitions cloud view of McDonnell
Sitting on Gov. Bob McDonnell’s desk is unfinished legislative business that’s another steppingstone to the Republican vice-presidential nomination in 2012. At least that’s the chatter among lobbyists, some of whom could see bigger paydays if McDonnell in a swipe at trial lawyers, the supposed puppet masters of the Democratic Party rejects or rewrites higher medical-malpractice awards. That …
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