Tax questions for a married couple?

Question by love: Tax questions for a married couple?

Me and my husband got married this year and filed our tax return joint. Neither one of us received a stimulus last year and the turbotax software mentioned something about us being eligible for $ 600 because we did not get a stimulus last year. Is this correct? Also we filed our Virginia State taxes with our Federal Return but I am not sure how the State tax refund works(i.e. How long it takes as opposed to the IRS) Any answer you can provide would be great. Thank you!

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Answer by hrblock.laura
I can’t comment on Virginia taxes, I’m in Ohio. As for the stimulus, if neither of you received the stimulus last year and meet all the requirements this year you could receive it as part of your tax refund this year. The most you could receive is $ 600 each, but that depends on your income and tax liability.

The link below will give you all the details of the Recovery Rebate.

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