Taxpayer $$ funded “field study” for SB 1070 authors in Virginia — scene from “9500 Liberty” Immigration tax $ $ & tax increases funded DC lobbyists’ “field study” in Virginia — scene from “9500 Liberty” Transcript: Linda Chavez: The wording of the Resolution here in Prince William County says: “Whereas the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors has determined that illegal immigration is causing economic hardship and lawlessness in this County…” And I want to know how it was the Board went about determining that because it seemed that there was very little fact finding prior to the Board’s consideration of this measure. And I just wanted to know what the empirical evidence was of that impact; not people’s feelings. But what empirical data did you pull together to determine this lawlessness — I’m looking at a chart that suggests, for example, that crime has gone down. Was it the facts that were motivating you? Or was it something else? Corey Stewart: You’re trying to say that John Stirrup and myself simply went about this without doing our homework. No I’m just asking a question, Mr. Stewart, perhaps you can answer it. I’m trying to lay the…we did look at the impacts on the community and the thing to remind yourself here is that the community identified this issue. The community identified the problem on the streets in terms of crime. The community identified issues in the neighborhoods with housing overcrowding. Annabel Park (narrator) It was very revealing that Chairman Stewart couldn’t offer any facts. He could only cite the

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