Thanksgiving Day Campers Ready For Black Friday Shopping Sale At Best Buy Early!

I had a chance to talk with some customers who were camping out in front of Best Buy in Hampton Roads, Va. early, one person setup camp on Tuesday the week of Thanksgiving, now that dedication! ★ MyPersonal Vlog; For People Who Prefer Quantity Over Quality. Just A Snapshot Of My Day-To-Day Life. ENJOY, SUBSCRIBE, RATE & COMMENT – THANKS! (^_-)-☆♥ Shout Outs & Links: ► Outro music by MicSol-O: ‪ Info For The Creative Soul: ►Camera: Apple iPhone 4S ►Settings/Filter: None ►Video Resolution: ►External Mic: ►Setup: ►Lens: ►Editing Software: Apple’s iMovie app Mailing Address: 5007-C Victory Blvd. PO Box 347 Yorktown, VA. 23693 Email: ★ Disclaimer: Please note that I am in no way affiliated with any manufacture, company or person that I video blog about. Any products, services, events or places mentioned or reviewed in this video are funded with my own money. ©2011 by TheCreativeJournal All rights reserved. Any unauthorized broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright. Extra Tags: “Thanksgiving Sales””Shopping Black Friday””Best Buy Shoppers””Best Buy Campers””Black Friday Sales””Campers At Best Buy””Black Friday Shopping””Black Friday Shopping””Hampton Roads Va””video log” “Real Life Vlogs” “Vlog Everyday” Vlog Vloggity “Video Blogger” “Walking Vlogs” “Video Blogger” “Youtube Orbit” Driving Vlog Vloggity CreativeSoul CreativeJournal CreativeSoultv Hampton Roads
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