The Anime Network – Bite Size Version

Hello AN Fans, AMWAM Fans, or just anime fans in general! Many have seen this video at conventions ranging from Virginia, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and even Canada! And although the full version of the Anime Network series is here on youtube as well (Broken into six parts) Here it is in the shortened version for conventions. It has won many awards and I’m very proud of my work, so I hope you enjoy it as well. BTW, by request of the viewers, heres the anime and their audio source in the order they appear – Gunsmith Cats – Chip’N’Dales Rescue Rangers Pokemon/Princess Mononoke – Captain Planet Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust – Darkwing Duck Inu Yasha – Lassie Bubble Gum Crisis Tokyo 2040 – Power Rangers Death Note – Beetlejuice Rozen Maiden – The Simpsons Midori Days (Midori No Hibi) – Fight Club Sailor Moon – Robot Chicken; Appocalypse Pony Steel Angel Kurumi – Married With Children Vampire Princess Miyu – Ghostbusters Azumanga Daioh – King Of The Hill Oh My Goddess – Fairly Odd Parents
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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