The Calm before Hurricane Irene In Boston

Never so many US cities have had a hurricane pounding at them simultaneously. Hurricane Irene is not only striking Eastern corridor cities, but also doing it during the year’s second-busiest retail season, the back to school season, hurting the economy. Now millions are bracing. So far hurricane Irene has struck Puerto Rico, Cuba, other Caribbean islands, Bermuda, and is now over the Carolinas. Over two million people have been order to evacuate their homes and millions are without electricity. By 11 pm on Saturday there were 6 deaths in North Carolina and Virginia. But the eye of this gigantic storm has not hit land yet. Tonight it is heading to New York City and tomorrow it will reach New England. But in Boston, Mass., on Saturday, it was a peaceful sunny day. Students at many of the universities and colleges in Massachusetts were arriving to their dorms. At Emerson College on Boylston Street’s dorm entrance there was a welcoming team: Megan Mitchell and Suzi Pietroluongo, both sophomore at Emerson College. Mitchell and Pietroluongo danced along with other team member as new international students arrived, as you can see in the movie below. There was also a peaceful demonstration against war and hunger in Somalia. “No War, No Hunger,” chanted the small group of Somali Youth In Charge and as they walked carrying posters. “Act Now or They Die,” one of the posters read, referring to victims of the war in Somalia. As they started their march from Boston Commons
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