The DeJarnette Sanitorium in Decay

Built in 1932 & closed in 1996, the mental hospital named after Dr. Joseph S. DeJarnette was a place driven to both care for and to control the lives of those who were its patients. Since being shuttered, it has since fallen into the hands of vandals, and the once busy hallways now only host an ever growing amount of graffiti. OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER & WARNINGS: This facility was permanently closed in 1996. The former campus is now a property owned by the Frontier Culture Museum of Staunton, Virginia. The buildings have been determined to be unfit for habitation of any sort due to the presence of asbestos in many materials used throughout the five – story structure. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VISIT THIS AREA UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON. THE AIR QUALITY OF THE BUILDING HAS BEEN DECLARED UNSAFE AND POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS TO THE RESPIRATORY HEALTH OF PERSONS EXPOSED TO THE SEALED INTERIOR OF THE STRUCTURES WHICH COMPRISE THE FORMER DEJARNETTE SANITORIUM. Security personnel of the Museum and local law enforcement officers patrol the surrounding grounds on a regular basis, and any persons found trespassing shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent provided by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Thank you for your interest in the history of psychiatry in the United States of America, and from all of us associated with, it is our sincere hope that you will continue to explore the diverse assortment of educational programs offered on Youtube.

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