The Hangmen – Every Time I Fall In Love

The Hangmen became incredibly popular in the Washington, DC area and even performed for the Kennedys. How did the band land that very high profile gig? Tom Guernsey: We got some high-powered management after the record took off. A Washington lawyer, a television producer and a prominent businessman formed a corporation to manage us. They were all very well connected in Washington, DC and got us a number of high visibility gigs playing at embassies in town. There was a lot of press about us in The Washington Post and eventually Ethel Kennedy asked us to play at a charity event at the Kennedy home in McLean, Virginia. I remember sitting around in the kitchen with Ethel Kennedy and the rest of the band casually drinking beer and talking before the show…and then I helped myself to a bottle of their scotch and the band got smashed. Our managers were not very happy about that! (60s): You formed The Hangmen when members of your previous band, The Reekers, were attending college. Where did you locate the members who would eventually become The Hangmen? Tom Guernsey (TG): I met George Daly at Montgomery Jr. College in 1965. The other Reekers were away at other colleges, so George and I decided to put a band together really just as away to help pay for our expenses at school We recorded our album Bittersweet in Nashville for Monument after doing our second single ‘Faces’ there. In the ‘Faces’ sessions, we also re-recorded ‘What A Girl Can’t Do’ with our first
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