The Uncommon Valor of Bradley Manning Blocked at Quantico Brig

What do you do when you are sent off to war for a lie, and come to realize that it’s a whole bunch of lies, and people are dying and you are sitting on a whole bunch of documents that might change some things? If you are an American Patriot, you do all in your power to right the wrongs. Bradley Manning is accused of doing just that, he supposedly provided thousands of US Government messages for distribution to the press via the Wikileaks internet site and news He is incarcerated in the Marine Corp Brig at Quantico, Virginia under what is described as Guantanamo like conditions. And if found guilty, condemned to life in prison or death. So what better way to honor this American hero then to lay flowers at the base of a monument dedicated to American Heroes who would readily give their own freedom so others could have freedom. But the authorities at Quantico would have no part is allowing flowers to be laid at the base of the replica to the Iwo Jima monument in honor of someone they considered a traitor, instead the flowers were put, not at the monument base, next to the quote “Uncommon Valor Was a Common Virtue” but in the gutter. Which then sparked a civil disorder. Authorities responded with shock and awe. And if you came for that you can skip the speeches and go right to minute 6:00 The unprovoked police push over of Ann Wright begins at The Frontline PBS documentary on Wikileaks and Bradley Manning airs March 29th at 9pm see FRONTLINE
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