The WV Presents “THE LOCUST HEIGHTS & WESTERN RAILROAD” featuring Mason Climax locomotive

SPECIAL PRESENTATION in HD! In the early 1970s, Clarksburg, West Virginia machinist Keith Mason decided to use his great technical skills to craft his children a playhouse…and not just any playhouse…but a full sized replica of a narrow guage railroad caboose. A couple of years later when his children got a little older, he decided that the caboose was missing something…a locomotive to pull it. It was not long (a year, to be exact) before he had solved this problem…he SCRATCH BUILT a fully operational “Climax” locomotive based on blueprints from that famous type of geared engine’s earliest design from the 1880s. Today, both the engine and caboose (along with a couple of scratchbuilt flatcars to haul additional passengers and equipment) are still fully operational, and are run nearly a mile over Mason’s large tract of property, along a grade that he and several friends and volunteers also constructed from scratch, even building a short log-cribbed trestle with railroad-timber bents supporting it. When standing there in person, it is very impressive to think how a caboose playhouse turned into to full sized narrow guage railroad operation. Sometimes railroad dreams really do come true! 8D If you would like to catch a ride on the Locust Heights and Western Railroad and will be in the Clarksburg area, the train runs for the public every Wednesday night from May-October, departing at 7:00PM, with additional departures as demand requires. Although the ride is free

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