Third and a Half Avenue

Third and a Half Avenue
Virginia Software
Image by kuyman
After a long time spent making pretty realistic images on film and digital, I’ve decided I want to try some more visually adventurous photography.

When I started with HDR photography in 2007, Photomatix was the only usable software for making reasonably good images. Since then, HDR photography has exploded around the Internet and the real world. There are new methods, new software, and new cameras.

One of those new programs is Nik’s HDR Efex Pro… and it’s a really excellent program. I’ve also started using Aperture instead of Lightroom. It’s not as navigable as LIghtroom after the three years I’ve spent with Adobe, but after a couple weeks, I’ve been able to make images that are every bit as good as those done in Lightroom, but in half the time.

This is a 3 shot HDR image assembled in HDR Efex Pro with final touchups done in Apple’s Aperture.

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