Third Winchester Student Battlefield Tour – Michael and Mitchell

A Webcast Historian production by the Daniel Morgan Middle School in Winchester, Virginia The videos you see here came out of a two week summer enrichment program, which involved twenty 8th grade students, three teachers, the Third Winchester battlefield, and some very cool technology. The students first become acquainted with their tools: the video camera, still camera, and the software they would be using to put their films together. The teachers then provided the students with background information on the Civil War using maps, objects, images, primary document texts, and the actual Civil War sites themselves. The students then spent two weeks filming at the Third Winchester battlefield. Once prepared each student produced an edited video encapsulating all that they learned and experienced. Eric Miller, Penny Oravec, and James Lupton should be commended for their successful efforts in using 21st century technology to help our students become interested in their 19th century American history.

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