tree, backyard – 0 – before removal – 023-diptych-033 (20110524)

tree, backyard – 0 – before removal – 023-diptych-033 (20110524)
Virginia Insurance
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
The tree (photographed from both sides) that cost us 0 to remove. It’s pretty much 100% covered in ivy. We left it there to prevent erosion.

On the right half of the picture, you can see some old astroturf that I placed on the chain-link fence past to kill kudzu by depriving it of sunlight. It’s extremely effort-efficient, but not time-efficient. It takes a few weeks to kill what’s beneath it. But as you can see from the picture, it does in fact work. Left in one place long enough, however, new kudzu will eventually grow *through* the astroturf and lock it in place, where it can’t be removed and eventually rots away. The trick seems to be to surprise existing kudzu by covering it — THAT kudzu will die, but not the wave that comes to replace it. We got maybe 3 of these astroturfs for each about 11 yrs ago, and I think one remains. May switch to discarded carpets (on curbs every summer) as they are thicker and more durable and harder to grow through. Shit, I’d carpet my whole yard if it was possible to do that, and made sense. You know, if I lived in a cartoon world. Black shag carpet for my whole yard. Yes!

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Homesite insurance sucks. Homesite sucks. Progressive insurance sucks. Progressive sucks. before tree removal. diptych.

back yard, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

May 24, 2011.

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BACKSTORY: So our homeowners insurance (Farmers) canceled our policy due to having peeling paint on our window sills, and tree branches touching our roof (among other things). So we switched to Progressive and they dropped us for the same reasons. So we renewed our Progressive policy, had 0 of tree work done, and rectified most of the list they gave us. Progressive dropped us a 2nd time for new reasons, including changing the tree requirements from "no branches touching your roof" to "no branches over your roof at all", so even after following their specific advice regarding the trees, they still canceled our policy again. It’s simply not possible to satisfy Progressive when they give different reasons the second time around. Most of the reasons used by Progressive to drop us the 2nd time were never given the 1st time, even though those conditions were present then as well! PROGRESSIVE SUCKS AND IS NOT WORTH IT. INCONSISTENT! And then they try to bill you after you cancel them! Anyway, we paid The Care Of Trees 0 — the cheapest of the 15+ companies I contacted — to do 3 major cuts (0) and remove the pine tree behind our addition (0). I also bought a 0 pole saw (basically chainsaw on the end of a 10 foot pole) to handle the smaller trees (i.e. the cases where it’s possible to do it yourself).

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