tree, side yard (largest) – 91 – after 3 major cuts ($500) (also main room window now painted) – IMG_3080 (20110614)

tree, side yard (largest) – 91 – after 3 major cuts (0) (also main room window now painted) – IMG_3080 (20110614)
Virginia Insurance
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Three *major* tree cuts (0) done, after Farmers and Progressive/Homesite told us trees can’t touch our roof. After we did this work, they changed their tune to "trees can’t be OVER the roof". I don’t think that should be legal to tell the customer they have to make certain specific changes, then turn around and say those exact specific changes were no good. FUCK PROGRESSIVE. FUCK HOMESITE. FUCK FARMERS. DO NOT USE THEM.

This is also a good "after" pic of the now-painted main room window sill. The gutter has not yet been repaired in this picture.

Note the condition of the shingles. Progressive insurance (Homesite insurance) dropped our insurance giving us a list of reasons. We fixed the items on that list. They then dropped us a 2nd time for new reasons not included in the first list, including "curling shingles" on my roof. The shingles certainly aren’t perfect, but do these look like something that’s going to fly off my roof and cost an insurance company a lotof money? Of course, we survived Hurricane Irene AND the post-Irene flood storms JUST FINE … With zero water in our house. Progressive did not even cite our roof the first time they dropped us. Quite simply, Progressive Insurance/Homesite insurance are ASSHOLES. The roof sure as hell does not need to be re-done if it is functioning just fine. Plus, I just patched it with roof cement to strengthen it up even more! Be smart. Stay away from Progressive. Their low prices aren’t worth it. The State Corporation Commission has been notified, but since Virginia is a Republican state, our regulatory agencies barely have any teeth.

Also since then, additional gutter guards have been deployed, and they are uniformly and 100% covering the front gutters at least. Had to cut some into custom-sized pieces to get full coverage.

In case you’re wondering how a gutter gets damaged: … Yes, it’s all you people who keep wishing for snows’ fault. Also, here’s a picture of how bent up our front-right gutter was:

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Homesite insurance sucks. Homesite sucks. Progressive insurance sucks. Progressive sucks. after painting.

side yard, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

June 14, 2011.

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BACKSTORY: So our homeowners insurance (Farmers) canceled our policy due to having peeling paint on our window sills, and tree branches touching our roof (among other things). So we switched to Progressive and they dropped us for the same reasons. So we renewed our Progressive policy, had 0 of tree work done, and rectified most of the list they gave us. Progressive dropped us a 2nd time for new reasons, including changing the tree requirements from "no branches touching your roof" to "no branches over your roof at all", so even after following their specific advice regarding the trees, they still canceled our policy again. It’s simply not possible to satisfy Progressive when they give different reasons the second time around. Most of the reasons used by Progressive to drop us the 2nd time were never given the 1st time, even though those conditions were present then as well! PROGRESSIVE SUCKS AND IS NOT WORTH IT. INCONSISTENT! And then they try to bill you after you cancel them! Anyway, we paid The Care Of Trees 0 — the cheapest of the 15+ companies I contacted — to do 3 major cuts (0) and remove the pine tree behind our addition (0). I also bought a 0 pole saw (basically chainsaw on the end of a 10 foot pole) to handle the smaller trees (i.e. the cases where it’s possible to do it yourself).

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