UFOs Mystery in the sky maryland virginia north carolina 29 Mar 2009 -10 WAVY NEWS

(AP) A team of scientists is looking into what could have caused bright lights in the sky that prompted hundreds of calls to the National Weather Service and emergency officials. Emails about the mystery in the sky www.wavy.com Callers from Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina described brilliant, streaking lights followed by an explosion-like sound around 9:45 pm Sunday. Virginia residents from Hampton Roads to Richmond reported seeing “great balls of fire” lighting up the sky in shades of yellow, white orange and blue. Some described the explosion as sounding like thunder. Several calls came to Richmond International Airport, but spokesman Troy Bell said tower workers did not see anything unusual. The weather service said no damage was reported. Mysterious Lights Cause Panic in 3 States www.nbcwashington.com Mysterious-Lights-Cause-Concern-in-3-States.html www.avimoas.com
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