Unblocking outgoing calls in the state of Virginia?

Question by Panda: Unblocking outgoing calls in the state of Virginia?
My parents recently got a new phone service and number. About a month into their use, friends and family began to tell them that my parents’ number was showing up as private on their caller ID’s. They didn’t set it to private in the first place, and nothing the phone company recommends seems to be working. So I did some research and found out about a specific code you dail before your number to unblock all outgoing calls. Does anyone know what this code is for Virginia (or Chesapeake, Virginia if it functions on a city-based network)? Thank you ^-^

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Answer by captbryguy
Just go to local tele web site and search Star system.
press star * 67 in Florida blocks caller id
if you want to know last caller was press *69

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