USS Caron (DD-970)

USS Caron (DD-970)
Virginia Software
Image by Robert of Fairfax
The USS Caron (DD-970) was overhauled in 1982 and outfitted with a new CIWS (Close In Weapons System), TAS-32 (target acquisition system) and thicker metal plating of the superstructure as well as a fresh coat of paint. I’d estimate that this photo was taken in the spring of 1983 off the coast of Virginia Beach, VA when it did extensive testing of it’s gun fire control system against swift targets.

I enjoyed my tour as the fire control officer on the USS Caron from 1982 to 1985. At the time, the ship was commanded by Capt Kaiser who was relieved by Cdr Polk in the summer 1983. I reported to the USS Caron at Balboa Station (south entrance to the Isthmus of the Panama). During that period the Caron cruised the Eastern Pacific in the spring 1982, returned swiftly to Norfolk in the summer, was overhauled in Pascagoula, MS Aug to Dec, trained at Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) in the spring 1983, cruised the Caribbean and had fun testing the guns off the coast of Norfolk, deployed to the Med in Oct 83, was immediately ordered south to support Operation Urgent Fury, operated off the coast of Beirut the majority of deployment (planned but never visited the Black Sea) with brief stops in Trieste, Italy with a Cortina ski trip (pinged a soviet sub that eventually surfaced in the Aegean) , Naples and Gaeta, Italy. We returned to Norfolk in the spring 1984, did Eastern Pacific ops again in either later 84 or early 85. I can claim to have passed through the Panama Canal three times. I departed in March 1985 for a interesting shore tour in Norfolk at NAVMASSO and subsequent career as a software engineer in Northern Virginia.

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