Vanmeter Church Street House

Vanmeter Church Street House
Virginia Lawyers
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I found some interesting history on the Vanmeter family web site about the house that I saw during a trip to Chillicothe, Ohio:

"The Vanmeter Church Street House is significant as an excellent example of Greek Revival architecture set within a fine grouping of 19th century residential properties. The Vanmeters were important lawyers in the 19th century in Ross County and the State of Ohio."

Wikipedia and also have interesting details.

"The Vanmeter Church Street House was built in 1848 by William H. Thompson, a farmer. It was purchased by John I. Van Meter in 1856 and has remained in the Vanmeter family ever since. John I. Vanmeter was born in Hardy County, Virginia, in 1798. He was educated at Princeton, and at the law school of Judge Gould, at Litchfield, Connecticut. He practiced law at Moorefield, Virginia, and was shortly elected to the legislature of Virginia. After coming to what was to become Ross County, he married Mary Harness in 1826. Mary Harness was the daughter of Jospeh and Mary Harness, who were among the earliest settlers of the Scioto Valley, Ohio. In 1854, Mary Harness Vanmeter died and John I. Vanmeter moved to Chillicothe. He was elected to the lower house of the Ohio Legislature in 1836 and to the Ohio Senate in 1840, and in 1842, he was elected to Congress.

"John Marshall Vanmeter, John I. Vanmeter’s son, inherited the property from his father. He was graduated from Harvard Law School and began practice in Chillicothe in 1857. He was appointed Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Ross County in 1881. The house still remains in the Vanmeter family.

The house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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