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Image by National Garden Clubs
Here are some photos from the James Monroe Birth site LD refresher program. Virginia Federation of Garden clubs sponsored the program at Colonial Beach VA on Historic Garden restoration. As part of the refresher the attendees along with people from the community including the VA Dept of Forestry, Westmoreland County extension service, Ingleside Winery, Local Master Gardeners and local Boy Scouts. All had to be approved by the Army Crops of Engineers, County of Westmoreland and their board of supervisors, state of VA We studied a LD Master Plan developed from Nelson Bryd Landscape Architects from Harrisonburg, VA. The site was also approved by the National Historic Preservation Society since the site is on the national historic records. NGC awarded a grant to help with the project. The VA LD Council contributed funds and had a historic plant sale. The County of Westmoreland also funded a professional LD firm to come in and do the site development for the VFGC garden at the James Monroe Birth site. Since then a lovely reception building has been built. The new James Monroe Foundation is in control of the site. Westmoreland County still handles the garden maintenance along with local and state wide garden clubs.
The GARDEN landscape plan was in the shape and size of the Monroe home as discovered from archeological digs at the property over the last 50 years. The VFGC garden the first clean-up and planting on the property once riddled with rubbish such as old car parts and kitchen appliances. Research was done through the Bureau of Historic Plants at Monticello in Charlottesville to insure accuracy as to what plants would be common in the historic time period. From the garden there has been much interest in having the site look inviting to visitors.

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