Colleges In Virginia
Image by justmakeit
We did recon for my daughter over the weekend at a small college. Having decided to go at the very last minute, it was too late to talk to anyone in the admissions office or get a tour. We just showed up, Bob and his dad and me, and started nosing around the campus. Not the recommended m.o., but we got lucky.

Our luck consisted largely in running into Virginia, who is a junior. She works in the campus art museum, and when we walked in, she gave us a huge smile and a warm greeting. We explained our situation, and she happily offered to answer any questions we had about the college.

Very articulate, she fielded all our questions with grace and good humor. Yes, there are lots of "offbeat" students at the school. Yes, there are ways to pass the "quantitative" course requirements even for the less quantitative students. One downside of the school is that there’s not much going on in the small town where it’s located. (That seems to be a universal complaint for every small town college I’ve ever visited.)

I really appreciated Virginia’s honesty and thoughtfulness. We came away knowing much more about the school, with a positive feeling about the students there, and having gotten a few 100Stranger shots to boot. If she ever is looking for a campus job outside of the art gallery, I’d definitely suggest the admissions office.

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