Virginia beach hotel or house and attractions?

Question by ccakagirl130: Virginia beach hotel or house and attractions?
I’ll be getting married in May and we are thinking about going to Virginia beach. Anybody know of a nice 1 bedroom preferably or 2 beach house? On the beach or close to it and close to alot of attractions. Or a nice hotel with a decent price that’s close. What are some really good attractions or things to do there? Thanks a bunch!

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Answer by Fanatica Loca
There are soooooo many nice hotels in Virginia beach, I’d say check between 13th street and 21st street. VAbeach has alot of things to do. The have Parasailing (about $ 66 per person), Speedboating, GREAT & fun Speedboat tours of the whole beach ($ 20 per person), shopping, etc.!!

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