Virginia Divorce| How to Plan for you Divorce Hi, I’m Charlie Hofheimer. You know, surprisingly, one of the questions that I’m asked often by women who come to see us is will I be a bag lady, or will I become homeless, and what I recommend to women who are very nervous about their divorce, worried about their financial being, is to basically sit down and write out what you would do in the worst-case scenario. Let’s assume, for a moment, that for whatever reason, and it doesn’t have to be divorce, that tomorrow you found yourself on the street with no home, what would you do? My point in this exercise is to get you to sit down and think through all the things that you would do to look out for yourself. The agencies you would contact, and basically create a plan for a worst-case scenario. The reason I do this is not because I think the worst-case scenario would occur, but rather it’ll show you that you have a lot more resources than you realize and it will basically be a game plan for you and make you feel much better to know that in fact you won’t be homeless, in fact you won’t be destitute, and that there’s lots of resources in the community if you call upon them. So, if you’re worried, sit down and write out a plan now, while you’re in a pretty good situation, so that if you ever find yourself in a bad situation you’ll have your game plan of how to get out of that situation. I hope this was helpful. I thank you very much. For More Information Visit our website www
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