Virginia real estate exam- EZ-PASS?

Question by CaliGirl760: Virginia real estate exam- EZ-PASS?
I currently live in Virginia and am studying to take my real estate salesperson exam. I hav already taken the test and I failed the national by 2 questions, and the state by 5.

I recently heard of a software called EX-PASS Real Estate Exam Prep. The website says it has a 90+% pass rate on the first time. It’s about $ 40.00.

Has anyone on here heard of it, or used it? I need to know if it’s worth the money–and I need to study and pass my test within 3 weeks! AND if anyone in VA has it–are you willing to sell it to me?

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Answer by Mary B
There is no such thing as a national real estate exam.

Each state controls their own Brokers and Salespeople, and you have to take an exam for each state you want to be licensed in, UNLESS that state has a reprocity agreement in place with your home state.

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