Virginia Tech Rap (prod. by Slantize)

Free MP3 download: Rap for school The UVA team jokes are in good fun so relax Lyrics —- -Virginia Tech/ Not the university to disrespect/ -We smoking all you other colleges like a cigarette/ -A university/ with true diversity/ so do your worst to me/ -These Hokies/ all are homies/ man we do it perfectly/ – -N toe-to-toe, we in the pocket like an ipod/ -And yall already know you got nothing on Tyrod/ -Man, our offensell blast right through ya/ -Abolish/ ya college/ a school thatll school ya/ – -But sometimes theres nothing to do, and youre bored n/ -Theres fire alarms at two in the morning/ -But on this campus, you aint suffering from hunger, son/ -Go across the nation, but the food here is number one/ – -On the game days, you can hear the magic words/ -And see everyone walking around in matching shirts/ -The name stays around your mouths like goatees/ -You hear Lets Go! the next thing you hear is,Hokies! – -Verse 2 – -I got a question for yall, lemme ask ya/ -Did yall really think we would lose to Nebraska?/ -Were you surprised when we said we aint gon lose today?/ -I mean, who you think we are, man, UVA? – -Tech to UVA, aint a comparison/ -The fact that we even share a state is embarrassing/ -Ive never even seen a team as pitiful/ -Its like no one told them not to recruit kids from middle school/ – -We invincible/ kids with a vision, principles/ -Spitting these visual/ rhythms encrypted into lyrical/ -Hip-Hop, ahead of you/ wrist watches, revenue
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