Virginia Tech Upward Bound Program Visit Our Website to Learn How to Apply! Talent Search is 100% federally funded by the US Department of Education to encourage students and non-students to complete high school and to pursue a college education. Educational, cultural, and social experiences throughout the year help us to accomplish this goal. Upward Bound at Virginia Tech is 100% federally funded by the US Department of Education as well and is designed to encourage and prepare high school students to pursue a college education. Upward Bound accomplishes this goal through educational, cultural, and social experiences. Talent Search and Upward Bound provide preparation and tutoring in English, mathematics, science, foreign language, SAT prep, ACT prep, study and test- taking skills, career planning, time management, communication skills, problem solving, and more… We help students research colleges and universities and help you choose the college that is right for you. We can help you apply to the college of your choice and apply for financial aid. Trips to colleges and universities for academic and athletic events are scheduled every year. The programs also take trips to plays and concerts during both the academic year and summer. http

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