Virginia unemployment, am I eligible?

Question by : Virginia unemployment, am I eligible?
I had been working in Virginia for 5.5 years and recently relocated to Pennsylvania and took a job there. I am a commissioned sales person with a small salary. I was given a figure by the president of the company that the lowest paid sales person made with his company. Once I was there and learned more through company statistic access and from the other sales people I learned this was very far from the truth. After my training period I was told to go to work temporarily in one of their communities that was over an hour drive away. Knowing I wasn’t going to be able to make the money I was told I would I was concerned about having to drive so far and the amount of fuel I would use every week to get there. I expressed all of these concerns to the sales manager. I was suffering migraine headaches over this because I was also living in one of the company’s homes at their encouragement with a large rent payment and would now have to move again after being there only a month and a half.

I emailed the two sales managers my concerned and heard back from one who addressed many of the issues and made me feel better about them. I told her I was willing to go to the new neighborhood. Then the other manager called me and was angry I talked to the first manager and told me not to report to work until I heard back from him. I was placed on administrative leave. I then attended a meeting between myself, the president, and the two sales managers where they let me go with no explanantion other than they felt they had no other choice.

I know this is hard to understand and I am willing to answer any other questions but can you please give me an idea if I will now qualify for UE benefits? I have a call scheduled with a deputy soon.

Thank you in advance.
Thanks for your reply. I understand it is impossible to know without hearing both sides of the story. It would help me if they would have given me a cause for letting me go but all the president said was he saw no other choice. I wasn’t rude or demanding. I actually told them I didn’t want any special favors from them. I basically just said that I have been extremely stressed out since realizing that some of the things I had been told were not true and that I now had to move out of the home they provided me and figure out how to live on the income that was realistic. I told them that other sales people there had told me things that scared me and made me realize it wasn’t the job I thought it was going to be. I didn’t name names but I do know the one manager did not want me around any other salespeople after that. I really am confused and like I said just wish they would have told me why. I could prepare a better defense if I knew exactly what their reason was. Thanks again.

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