Voting in Richmond VA

Voting in Richmond VA
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I opted to video my vote in case anything went awry. Overall, things seemed to be going quite smoothly this morning at City of Richmond Precinct 208 in the Fan District. The line was quite long, about an hour and fifteen minutes from back of the line to a voting booth, but not as long as it was elsewhere in the city. Check out the line at the EDI, which stretched 3 blocks.

Election officials were plentiful and very efficient. Voters were being moved through as quickly as possible. There were as many machines as the polling place would accommodate, and all of them appeared to be working and in use. The line was in pretty high spirits despite the gross,wet weather. My voting machine worked as expected.

There were a number of highly visible election observers and lawyers at this precinct. I’d be curious to know if this was the case throughout the city.

General Election 2008
City of Richmond Precinct #208, Tabernacle Baptist Church
Fan District; Richmond VA

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