Wait..did Barack Obama seriously say he was going to PIVOT towards jobs yesterday at his press conference?

Question by Lady Laissez Faire: Wait..did Barack Obama seriously say he was going to PIVOT towards jobs yesterday at his press conference?
Obama Press conference, Dec. 22, 2010
“And I think we are past the crisis point in the economy, but we now have to pivot and focus on jobs and growth.”

November 2009: 11,000 jobs lost

• “President Obama announced Thursday that he would convene a jobs conference at the White House next month…The jobs forum in December will include business leaders, small-business owners, labor union leaders and others. It marks a pivot for Democrats as they head into next year’s midterm elections.” (The New York Times, 11/13/09)

• “After months in which his focus has been on a health care overhaul and foreign policy issues, President Obama will pivot later this week to the economy…” (New York Times, 11/30/09)

December 2009: 85,000 jobs lost

• “Obama promises to keep focus on job creation” (Associated Press, 12/4/09)

January 2010: 20,000 jobs lost

• “President Obama pivots to jobs as key theme.” (Politico, 1/8/10)

• President Obama: “What they can expect from this administration, and I know what they can expect from you, is that we are going to have a sustained and relentless focus over the next several months on accelerating the pace of job creation, because that’s priority number one.” (Remarks to House Democrats, 1/14/10)

• ABC White House correspondent Jake Tapper: “Every week we’re told that there’s going to be a hard pivot to talk about jobs, and then every week something else happens.” (Fox Business Network, “Imus in the Morning,” 2/17/10)

February 2010: 36,000 jobs lost

• “An embattled President Obama will focus on jobs and small businesses at a New Hampshire town meeting today meant to reconnect with angry middle-class voters… The Nashua event ‘is part of the post-Massachusetts plan to recalibrate Obama’s focus,’ said Larry Sabato, director of the center for politics at the University of Virginia. ‘They’re trying to pivot him away from health care and towards jobs.’” (Boston Herald, 2/2/10)

• CNN White House Correspondent Suzanne Malveaux: “Well, Kiran, certainly what’s at stake, you mentioned this is really the finish line for the president. This is his top domestic priority and he’s been trying to get this — move the ball forward for a whole year now. He would like to pivot to focusing on jobs.” (CNN, 3/8/10)

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Answer by they see me TROLLin’ in my TROLLey
he has created more private sector jobs in 2010 alone then bush created in 8 years of office.

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