Wake Up Sheeple, Ep. 6 – Get Off Facebook Now!!!

Facebook is a CIA front created to track people so they can control them! Delete your profile immediately!!! CONNECT THE DOTS SHEEPLE! Facebook timeline: 9/11 – Government decides it needs to monitor everyone more closely. Forms the IAO in order to create a huge database that would keep track of all available information including people’s social networks. 2003 – Congress defunds IAO because of the political fallout. Congress thinks the IAO could lead to mass surveillance that would eventually destroy our freedom. 2004 – Less than a year later, Facebook is founded. Supposedly by some kid in a dorm room. First round of funding comes from Peter Theil whose involvement with the CIA and Operation Mockingbird seems like a good possibility. He wrote for the Wall Street Journal so I mean come on and wake up sheeple!!! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH SHEEPLE!!! Peter Theil en.wikipedia.org Operation Mockingbird en.wikipedia.org Jim Breyer en.wikipedia.org In-Q-Tel en.wikipedia.org Anita Jones www.cs.virginia.edu IAO en.wikipedia.org David Fincher www.whale.to The Social Network on IMDB www.imdb.com Hoover en.wikipedia.org More info albumoftheday.com
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