Western Virginia vs. West Virginia?

Question by toripaige.hastings: Western Virginia vs. West Virginia?
Why do news broadcasters sometimes refer to West Virginia as “Western Virginia.” We are no longer a part of Virginia! We are our own state, we even have our own star on the flag!! *sarcasm* If it wasnt for us, you would only have 49 states! And who likes odd numbers??? NOT ME! So how about you people start refering to us as a real state!
No i’ve even heard them talk about charleston being in “western virginia.” im not stupid people…i know what im talking about
WVU_cheerleadermeg has sparked an uprising question for me. Why is West Virginia refered to as incesct, redneck, hillbilly, or hicks??? I for one think we are some of the nicest people in the world. And also, when I listen to people from WV speak, its not so accented as people would think. I do admit, though, some people from different parts of West Virginia do have a rather bad accent, and yes, they may say “aint” or “I done did that!” but still, theres a special arrogance in the way a West Virginian handles themself. I was born and raised in West Virginia, (not insecst, may i add) and I feel that i have grown to be a well rounded, not hickish, “un redneckified” 14 year-old girl. So for those of you who have a steriotype in your head, we aren’t all barefoot and pregnant!

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Answer by Father Juan
ah, there is a western part of the Commonwealth of Virginia or didn’t you realize that

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