What are the best colleges in Virginia?

Question by PrettyKitty: What are the best colleges in Virginia?
I’m starting high school in a few weeks, which means I have to begin thinking about colleges, right? I’d like to go to, once I finally make up my mind, a college that has either journalism/writing or film. Not acting, though I love to act, since the competition is high.

I was thinking about UVA. I do not want to go to a community college if I can help it.


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Answer by Her.
Believe it or not, William and Mary is one of the best schools in VA. Their admission rate is about 34% Stay away from JMU. That school is known as a party school, as is UVA on some levels. VCU is the best school in VA if you are going into a medical field, but you aren’t. VCU’s arts are pretty great too.

Don’t go to VA tech.

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