What can I do to become a wedding planner?

Question by Mae: What can I do to become a wedding planner?
My dream has always been to be a wedding planner. I’ve looked into it a little bit, and it looks to me like I can either go to a community college or do an online program. I don’t really like either of those options, I would really like to go to a university and major in this, but I can’t find any universities that offer anything remotely like I want to do. Does anybody know of any colleges that offer a major in wedding planning or event planning or anything similar to that?

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Answer by MSG
Your best bet would be to get a degree in Hospitality. Check with James Madison University’s College of Business in Harrisonburg, Virginia (540-568-6211). They are one of the top rated colleges granting a degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management. There are plenty of other universities that offer degrees in Hospitality too. Guy Fieri, who hosts several shows on Food Network, attended University of Nevada Las Vegas, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management.

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