What do I do if I have a Virginia LLC and I move to Washington, DC?

Question by got answers?: What do I do if I have a Virginia LLC and I move to Washington, DC?
I am the single member of an LLC organized in VA, a disregarded entity for Federal purposes and a pass-through entity exempt from a VA Corporate return. I would like to note that I have the ability to domicile in VA as the address where my LLC is organized is a family address, but I am buying a condo in Washington, DC and am wondering what I should do? DC is going to want me to pay them income tax, switch my Driver’s license, & tags… etc… also I plan to take advantage of the “First time DC home buyer” tax credit (which requires owner occupancy).. Is there anything saying I must change my legal residency to where I am residing or can I keep my domicile at a “permanent” address.. should I just change nothing and keep VA as my domicile and have all my business mail sent to my DC address?

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Answer by Bostonian In MO
When you move to DC, your legal domicile automatically change to DC. You cannot circumvent that. Any attempt to do so will leave you open for various hassles, from traffic tickets for not having a DC license and tags to tax fraud if you illegally attempt to evade payment of the DC income taxes on the LLC income.

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