What has the Virginia Tech incident taught you?

Question by JDubb: What has the Virginia Tech incident taught you?
As one who had to experience the trauma of personal grief his freshman year with the September 11th attacks, I feel equally stunned and appalled with the incident at V. Tech. We can play the blame game all we want on V. Tech officials. But one thing is clear..we have to blame our country. Our country is full of materialism..who has the hottest gf, the best car, job, and nicest house..etc. We create circles and exclude many from our networks who do not fit our tastes. The materialism, television, video games, and lack of gun laws, have all contributed to the tragedy at V. tech. I hate to say it..but we have TOO much freedom. We want to be able to have freedom of speech, to carry a firearm, etc but not face the consequences when psycho’s go on shooting rampages. The key is to live each day the best you can, cherish those you love and be happy in everything you do..because in this crazy world, you never know when someone is going to steal your life right from under you.
Stop assuming I’m unhappy..I’m very happy..but I just think we need to treat everyone the same in regards to race, social status, etc and it’ll be a much better world. No country is perfect..we all have our troubles, but I think we need to unite as a nation and make changes within ourselves to keep stuff like this from happening again.

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