What hotels are near but not on Virginia Beach?

Question by gettingbetter: What hotels are near but not on Virginia Beach?
Me and some friends are trying to go to Virginia Beach for Memorial day. We don’t want to be 20 minutes from the beach but can’t afford a hotel on the oceanfront. Anybody have any hotel recommendations. We’re coming from Columbus, Oh if that helps at all.

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Answer by dr_nigel_c
You’ve actually got a couple of options, all within 20 miles of the beach.

Super 8 Norfolk/Chesapeake Bay (76 per nite)
Days Inn Norfolk Airport (90 per nite)
Ramada Limited (95 per nite)

and a handful of others.

http://www.resideo.com/us/virginia/virginiabeach/ — choose “Check Availability”, plug in your dates, then sort the results by price (lowest rates will be first).

Don’t forget to check out http://www.tripadvisor.com/ before you book.

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