What Virginia colleges do job offers want to see?

Question by babyi’melectricc.: What Virginia colleges do job offers want to see?
I’m just thinking ahead. I’m only a freshman in high school, but I want to go to a really good college. When I complete college and try to get a job, which Virginia colleges would someone “Wow” about?

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Answer by Bayern Fan
Hey Stephanie, I think I can help you out with this. I actually went to college in Washington, DC, but I live in Virginia and am very familiar with the higher ed system there.

The thing with Virginia is it has a lot of very good colleges, so I’ll try to break it down for you.

As far as wow factor, the University of Virginia is always going to be the best. UVA is one of the top 3 public universities in the U.S. and one of the best schools in general. As far as the top 3 state schools, UVA is up there with the University of Michigan and Cal-Berkeley.

I would say the best school for your money is William and Mary College in Williamsburg. It is also one of the better public schools in America and is the second best in Virginia. Plus, as an added bonus, most people think W&M is a private school because of the name. Doesn’t hurt, thats for sure. Also, tuition rates for the quality of education you receive there are very reasonable.

Other good colleges include:

Virginia Tech is heavy on the technical aspects, but a good, solid education overall. Additionally, it has good name recognition with employers.

James Madison in Harrisonburg, ranked number 2 in regional universities in the South.

The University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg; its also a very competitve school, but is much smaller than the previously listed and gives you the small, private college feel, even though it is public.

For liberal arts colleges, Washington and Lee University is also a very competitive and well respected small college.

Also, I’m going to list University of Richmond, also a competitve liberal arts college with a really beatiful campus.

Lastly, I’ll throw in George Mason University, up here in Northern VA, it’s not the best school, but it is up-and-coming and is quite strong in certain programs.

Although it could be debated, the order that I listed the universities in is the order of how well they are respected, as on resumes. UVA and William and Mary are easily the best and will always help you career wise, but the other schools are good as well, in addition to a few more VA schools that I did not list. Remember, chose on the overall package, not just what the rankings say. Atleast you’ll have plenty of time to do your research since you’re a freshman. Good luck!

I hope I was able to help you out!

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