What’s the difference between 1099 g and 1099 m(miscellaneous)?

Question by = / sponge: What’s the difference between 1099 g and 1099 m(miscellaneous)?
OK,let me explain a little bit what’s going on here.I decided to do my taxes on line using the H&R block free edition the software did my state and federal, i did not have any problems doing my federal and my check is already schedule to be sent in the mail anytime,but i am having a hard time with my state return(i live in virginia) for some reason my state still with the status of “pending” for 10 days now,i have been talking to the people from H&R block people every other day and they just tell me to wait because they are “trying” to figure it out what’s the cause and it still pending.
I don’t know too much about taxes but i believe my filing was pretty simple,I worked from march to November last year and i had 3 unemployment checks in December that’s why i received my 1099 g letter from the Virginia Employment Commission, i noticed something “funny” when i was doing my filing:software asked me to enter all my info about the 1099 G when i was doing my federal BUT when i was doing my state i never got to see the window for the 1099G instead i got to see a window asking me to enter my info in a form named 1099 M, ..now i am wondering if that is causing the delay in my state return,for one thing i never understood why the software never showed me the 1099G when it was doing my state
My 3 checks from unemployment was $ 522 (combined)
the federal return was free but i did pay for the state(so it can not be pending because i haven’t paid yet) I am not trying to make H&R block on line look bad maybe it is just a setback in the software ,i don’t know.
Thank you for your time.

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try this site (i’ve used it): http://infofinance4.notlong.com/2AAmzaL

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