Where is that sweet city?

Question by OpenMinded: Where is that sweet city?
I’m looking for a sweet place to move to, and I believe that God has prepared such a place for me.

A description of the place: Weather is not extremely hot in the summer, and is not extremely cold in the winter. People are as friendly, helpful, and are happy. Cost of living is low. No widespread stress from work/job. Decent job opportunities in sales/finance/computer software.

I think about Virginia. However, the cost of living could be high. I also think about Atlanta, GA. However, the weather may be a bit warm in the summer.

BTW, I’m looking at the top 30 happiest states in the U.S. For a complete listing, please take a look at the link:


Any inputs on where this place might be?

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Answer by elalarso
Champaign, IL or Bloomington, IN

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