Where’s the (Fake) Conservative Outrage on This Threat Assessment?

Question by Happy: Where’s the (Fake) Conservative Outrage on This Threat Assessment?
When the Department of Homeland Security issued an intelligence assessment characterizing returning military vets as potential domestic terrorists, conservatives freaked out.

If conservatives are so sensitive to “shoddy” threat assessments, where’s the (fake) outrage over Virginia’s Anti-terrorism Fusion Center’s recently leaked report that the state’s historically black colleges — Virginia Union University, Virginia State University, Norfolk State University and Hampton University – form a “radicalization node” for extremists?

In addition to singling out historically black colleges and the Hampton Roads area as being “at risk” because of its “diverse military population” as well as being home to black colleges, the report from the Unit notes Richmond’s history as the capital of the Confederacy and its sizable minority population make it a breeding ground for race-based extremist groups. You know. Scary dark-skinned people with guns!

The leaked report immediately set off a wave of anger with everybody in the state except conservatives. To be fair, the report painted with a pretty broad brush, and some 50 organizations to the left and the right of the political spectrum are mentioned in the assessment. But Virginia’s HBCUs are specifically named, without explanation, as being ground zero for domestic terror activity.
teracer18: In what way do you think I am crying? I am simply pointing out how stupid you are if anything I am mocking you.
melissa s: Advice from a stranger.
Get out see the world. Living in some Podunk town isn’t helping you.
Jerry O: Your uninformed and kinda freaky. You need to read more and pull your head out and take a breath. The world is a large and wonderful scary place. Live life dude don’t live in a box…
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Answer by the GOP is out like disco!
conservatives are too busy trying to trash Obama to do much of anything else and it is pretty pathetic in my opinion. the garbage on the fixed network is pretty sad these days

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