Which career paths in Computer Science will ensure that I won’t be stuck in a cubicle?

Question by John M: Which career paths in Computer Science will ensure that I won’t be stuck in a cubicle?
I’m currently graduating from high school, and I have worked my ass off academically to ensure that I can take whatever career path I wish. I’m going to Virginia Tech next year as an Engineering student, and I plan to enter Computer Science. Working with software development and project management is something I’ve always enjoyed, but now I’m beginning to question if it’s what I want to do with my life. One thing I know is that I do NOT want to be stuck in a cubicle. To me, that’s Game Over.

So, what would you suggest as a potential career? My current idea is to enter project management in software development or other Computer Science fields; I like leadership roles and I superficially believe it would keep me out of a cubicle. However, due to the setup of Virginia Tech’s engineering program, I am still able to enter any field of engineering I like (though Computer Science is more my forte). I wouldn’t mind a career in business, either, if it didn’t involve a lot of travel. Basically, I want a job that will involve a lot of interaction with people.

I want to get this question out of the way early, while I still have time to react accordingly in college. Thank you all!
Also, please do not answer this question on a whim; please answer only have you have good reason to back up your response. Thank you.

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Answer by kate
Field Service , your cubicle is the company car and the customer sites .
You are the ‘batman’ that saves the day when their system crashes or
Their capacity is inadequate and needs upgrades .

Love field service

good luck


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