Who can help me with u.s history help please?

Question by : Who can help me with u.s history help please?
What was a finding of the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case?
(Points : 2)
Slaves were property.

Slavery was illegal.

Slaves were citizens.

Slavery was a choice each state could make.

23. What helped bring Abraham Lincoln into the national spotlight?
(Points : 2)
his position in the Illinois legislature

his efforts to abolish slavery

his ability to bring people with different beliefs together

his debates with Stephen Douglas

24. Who won the election of 1860 with a platform that supported a transcontinental railroad and opposed the spread of slavery?
(Points : 2)
James K. Polk

Andrew Jackson

John Quincy Adams

Abraham Lincoln

25. What did Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, and Oregon all have in common during the Civil War?
(Points : 2)
They were all Confederate states.

They were all Union states.

They were all border states.

They were all organized territories.

26. Where did the Civil War begin?
(Points : 2)
Fort Sumter, South Carolina

Hampton Roads, Virginia

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Atlanta, Georgia

27. Which were some strengths of the North at the beginning of the Civil War?
(Points : 2)
railroads, a fleet of ironclad ships, and a strong banking system

a strong government, a standing army, and an industrial economy

a strong navy, excellent universities, and exceptional military officers

imports, a food surplus, and low taxes

28. What document announced freedom for the slaves in all of the Confederate states?
(Points : 2)
Declaration of Secession

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Emancipation Proclamation

Articles of the Confederation

29. What was Abraham Lincoln’s main message in the Gettysburg Address?
(Points : 2)
The Declaration of Independence had set forth unattainable goals.

The world would probably not remember what happened at Gettysburg.

The Civil War was a true test of patriotism.

Both democracy and the United States would endure.

30. What brought the Civil War to an end in April 1865?
(Points : 2)
Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse.

Davis surrendered to Lincoln in Richmond, Virginia.

Grant surrendered to Lee at Appomattox Courthouse.

Lee surrendered to Lincoln in Washington, D.C.

31. The United States faced a number of political, economic, and social challenges after the Civil War. Which of the following was primarily a political challenge?
(Points : 2)
the loss that emancipation created for slave owners

worthless Confederate currency that led to bartering

citizenship rights for freed slaves

collapsed southern infrastructure, including bridges, levees, and railroad tracks

32. What did the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution accomplish?
(Points : 2)
It officially ended the Civil War.

It directed the Reconstruction of the South.

It abolished slavery in the United States.

It granted citizenship to African Americans.

33. Who offered the greatest resistance to Reconstruction?
(Points : 2)
southern white landowners


Northern Radical Republicans

the Union Army

34. What was one of the failures of the Reconstruction Era?
(Points : 2)
African Americans had no due process protections.

African Americans in the South were barred from owning property.

Political opportunities for African Americans disappeared after a short time.

African Americans in the South resisted public education for their children.

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