Who is a Bigger Elitist Obama or Thomas Jefferson?

Question by dolphin314etc: Who is a Bigger Elitist Obama or Thomas Jefferson?
We don’t have direct democracy in the USA. Why? Well for one thing, Jefferson realized that the People cannot be trusted to be wise.

He even thought that, absent the University of Virginia to train them, the People’s representatives would not be wise.

That’s why Jefferson devoted many years of his life to designing and organizing the University of Virginia.

Over the centuries this widened out into the Ivy League.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s one Ivy League school took a sharp turn to the left, which has recently been partially mitigated by Elena Kagan, who as Dean of the Harvard Lawschool sought out conservatives to place in Professorships so Harvard Lawschool would offer a more balanced worldview.

Obama came out of Harvard of time before Elena Kagan’s Deanship.

He came out of the Harvard of left wing excess.

So he is a very arrogant elitist indeed.

But he may be no match for Thomas Jefferson in that department.

Jefferson thought that persons of quality and fineness should represent the people. I don’t know what he would have made of “community organizers” and ACORN street rabble, and Barry’s Homeboys.

Jefferson wanted truly elite liberal education and top notch lawschool at Univ of Va.

He never thought that people from the trailer park would be OK as representatives. Or people who thought that the Jamestown Colony had about the right level of government. That colony which was very much Koch brothers/Rand Paul every man for himself, let the strong survive, let the weak perish, did fail, and our Founding Fathers were closer to it in time than are we.

They talked about a more perfect union. They did not talk about a larger middle class, but take my word for it — if they knew that a larger middle class was the key to a more perfect union — they would want that. They would not want 3% of the people to own 50% of the wealth, and then be pimping to own 75% or 95% of it. Jefferson the intellectual elitist was not an economic elitist. He had a deep knowledge of the French Revolution, based on direct experience and personal contacts and travel. He knew that economic equality in SOME MEASURE (not dollar for dollar perfect equality of outcomes, which we all know is the death of liberty and free enterprise) is key to political equality, and thus to working democracy.

Scalia the Thug Justice, and Rand Paul, and their Koch family backers, and John Birch ideology sources are the end of America — they are its murderers. Obama is a great big fat elitist, but he comes by it naturally and honestly. Jefferson possibly and even bigger and fatter elitist was a designer of elite education for the nation’s leaders — he did not believe in Trailer Trash running the country, right Sarah, and Christine?

There is nothing wrong with being an elitist if you are right and can deliver the goods. Obama’s problem is not that he is too big an elitist, it’s that he’s too small a manager, and too poor at policy. Obamacare is too complicated — too many externalized costs (unfunded mandates), too much collateral damage to our healthcare system just for the sake of getting some freebies for the 30 million Homey Boys, who already get plenty of freebies in America. When you destroy more than you create by a factor of 100, that’s not good management. He could have got a Cadillac for every one of those Homey Boys.

It’s unjustified elitism that is the hazard to America, not elitism per se.

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What a foolish rant. You insult thomas Jefferson AND Obama??? I smell a troll….

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