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www.theparrishlawfirm.com — How does James Parrish possess secret “inside information” that can help YOU win your personal injury case in Fairfax, Fauquier, and Prince William counties? *** Transcript The Parrish Law Firm Who is James Parrish? Mark Grimm: The insurance company has all these attorneys, and they say well am I going to get my fair share? You used to work for the insurance companies, now you represent people fighting the insurance companies. That to me is somebody who’s got some “inside information”. Jim Parrish: Well that’s very true, For over a decade, I was regularly engaged by insurance companies to defend personal injury claims. I saw from the inside how the insurance adjusters and executives evaluate claims and how they try and scheme, trick, and scam people out of the money they are entitled to. So what I do is I put that “inside information”, as I like to call it, to work on behalf of my clients so they avoid being taken advantage of. Mark Grimm: Because you can get into the mindset, you’ve been there, done that. You know exactly where they’re headed. And you’re ready when they get there. Jim Parrish: That’s exactly right. I know the playbook and I know how to best counter what it is they are trying to do. Visit us online and get your free copy of “The Virginia Car Accident Guide” TODAY. www.theparrishlawfirm.com
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