will i get into these colleges? sorry, this is so long but i need help!?

Question by jbfan5x: will i get into these colleges? sorry, this is so long but i need help!?
oookay, here are my credentials.
-i’m a senior at the #1 high school in pennsylvania, and is obviously nationally ranked
-i have about a 3.9-4.1 GPA, i’m not exactly sure though.
-i’ve taken 4 AP Courses: AP Lang/Comp, AP World, AP Literature, and AP US. I’m now completing my 5th AP Course, AP Psychology
-The rest of my classes are all honors, always have been. my SAT score was a 1580 and my ACT score was a 23, but i’m taking the SAT again.
-i have work experience, i’ve gotten awards such as the Who’s Who In English award, the Catholic Women’s Union Award, and honors all 4 years (Summa Cum Laud and Magna Cum Laude).
-I received another award, but i honestly forgot what it was even for. something to do with writing.
-I’ve been a People to People World Leadership Program Candidate for 5 years.
-I participated in Varsity Cross Country my freshman year and made Second Team All Region, and i’ve been a Varsity basketball player all four years. I’m now the senior captain.
-I received 2nd team all region for basketball my sophomore year (i tore my ACL last year and couldn’t play most of the season.)
-I do volunteer work at the local zoo, at multiple basketball camps and clinics throughout the city and my dad’s basketball team of 5th and 6th grade girls.

my school choices are:
1. Xavier University in Cincinatti
2. Old Dominion University in Virginia
3. Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina
4. Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania
5. DePaul University in Chicago
6. Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

backups: Clarion University, Allegheny College.
any help would be appreciated!

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Answer by BH
i think you’re getting into each and every one of them.
your resume’ seems incredible.
you could go pretty much anywhere with credentials like that
good luck.

(i’m assuming that’s 1580 out of 1600)

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