William Sharon: California’s Machiavellian Banker Reviews

William Sharon: California’s Machiavellian Banker

Biographical profile of William Sharon, one of the nation’s wealthiest tycoons, a banker who controlled much of the silver and gold produced in California. Hailing from Ohio, Sharon moved to California following the gold rush and joined the Bank of California, the most powerful bank in the West. He exercised nearly dictatorial control over the Comstock Lode and the silver mines in Virginia City and was universally detested and feared. He amassed great wealth without a shred of concern for morals or ethics, ultimately gaining complete control over his partner and mentor’s assets. Award-winning author Daniel Alef tells the story of a man with a Napoleon complex who would stop at little to achieve his ends and was involved in the evolution of California into a major economic power. [1,477-word Titans of Fortune article]

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