window, living room picture window – 99 – replacement – lead paint warning sign – IMG_3111 – (20110627)

window, living room picture window – 99 – replacement – lead paint warning sign – IMG_3111 – (20110627)
Virginia Insurance
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Oops! Guess that WAS lead paint I was scraping and letting fall all in my mouth and eyes and all over my skin for weeks on end.

They had to do a lead test. No extra cost to the customer; but they had to take extra state-mandated safety measures, PLUS due to the lead status, they were only allowed to take 50% of the job costs up front. Since we had already paid the full cost of the job (~00) up front, they had to refund us half, and ask us to write another check for just ~50. Funny how the government kept me from paying the business I wanted to pay for the service they wanted to provide me. I understand that this was for my protection, but when I actually needed protection from a creepy addition builder who took 3 years to perform a 3 month contract, screwing me out of more than K extra over the contract, the government could only fine him 0 and help me . So what I am seeing from a lot of government regulation is that it makes people feel good, but doesn’t actually do anything for them.

This is also an example of a repainted window sill. Though this window is barely a window — the outer pane is just a sheet of plastic screwed into the wooden window pane. Not airtight or anything. I had sprayed Great Stuff in there years ago. Looks like ass but probably helped the breeze a bit. This time I painted a margin around the plastic sheet itself, to obscure the ugly Great Stuff. I often call this "The Worst Window In All Of Scotland", after the "Worst Toilet In All Of Scotland" from the movie Trainspotting.

We’re waiting for the sill on this window to finish rotting out. This window is one of the top 2 windows in the house up for future replacement. Always has been.

ADT sticker, Secured by ADT sticker, house maintenance, lead work area sign, living room window, no smoking or eating sign, no smoking warning.after painting.

side yard, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

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BACKSTORY: So our homeowners insurance (Farmers) got dropped due to having peeling paint on our window sills (among other things). Weak. It was a LOT of work AND money for us to repaint all our sills. Wood windows SUCK!! Modern vinyl windows are MAINTANENCE-FREE!! Wood windows… You gotta re-glaze the panes when they fall out, and then the wood itself is always going to slowly rot away. We already had our cats knock a pane out, so we already had glazing compound for pane repairs. This came in handy when we painted our various window sills, as some also needed glazing compound.

So the largest window in our house — actually 3 windows — was a major pain, and one of the few single-pane windows in the house. It would leak heat/cold in the summer/winter, and looked really bad compared to the new siding we had installed 6 or so years ago. So we decided to go ahead and replace just this window (actually 3 separate windows). Man was it expensive! ,350! Thompson Creek had the best pitch and data, whereas Home Depot required up front for an appointment they never showed up for and a list of 4 phone numbers to escalate (all 4 failed). So we had Thompson Creek do it of course! They did it, said they did it wrong, made us wait a month while making a new window (pro: they are all custom-made just for you; con: they are all custom-made, so a screw-up requires waiting for anew one to be made), then installed the new window, and finally everything was good and we were satisfied.

It was just kind of a pain because it cost so much money and had our living room in disarray for so many months, and the whole insurance basis for the situation was pretty bullshitty in the first place. We’re not going to make a property damage claim due to moisture that occurs because our paint was peeling! Ridiculous…

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