window, main room – 2 – painted + roof shingles JUST FINE after Irene – IMG_3459 (20110828) (uncropped version)

window, main room – 2 – painted + roof shingles JUST FINE after Irene – IMG_3459 (20110828) (uncropped version)
Virginia Insurance
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
The gutter, now repaired and painted. Loose gutter nails were replaced with gutter screws, and a drill was used to double the number of screw holes, adding many more gutter screws (about /ea) to help keep it up and straight. Gutter guards now finally cover 100% of it too, with some custom cuts having to be made. (Which was a lot eaiser with my yard sale aluminum snips than with scissors.)

Our main upstairs room’s front window (totally blocked from inside for privacy/anti-sun/anti-TV-glare purposes) after repainting.

If this picture looks familiar, it’s because it’s an alternate crop of an "after hurricane Irene" picture. That stick on top was from the hurricane. I realized it was also a good pic of our house maintenance later. This is a different crop of that same picture.

gutter, house maintenance, repaired gutter, stick, window.
after gutter repair. after painting. before painting.

roof, front yard, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

August 28, 2011.

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BACKSTORY: So our homeowners insurance (Farmers) got dropped due to having peeling paint on our window sills (among other things). Weak. It was a LOT of work AND money for us to repaint all our sills. Wood windows SUCK!! Modern vinyl windows are MAINTANENCE-FREE!! Wood windows… You gotta re-glaze the panes when they fall out, and then the wood itself is always going to slowly rot away. We already had our cats knock a pane out, so we already had glazing compound for pane repairs. This came in handy when we painted our various window sills, as some also needed glazing compound.

It was quite a pain, because it cost so much money and had our livingroom in disarray for so many months, and the whole insurance basis for the situation was pretty bullshitty in the first place. We’re not going to make a property damage claim due to moisture that occurs because our paint was peeling! Ridiculous…

Main room window when we moved in:

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